I'm going to Dublin to present at a conference in June and I'm sticking around for four days after the conference to play tourist. Obviously I'm hitting touristy stuff (Book of Kells, National Museums, Guinness/Jamesons, Dublin Castle, etc.) But are there some less obvious places I should visit/things I should see? I'll be pretty dependent on public transportation so easy to get to is important. Or is there a good day trip I should check into? And any recommendations for places to eat?
So with the latest round of people leaving LJ, I've started adding old LJ friends to my DW account. HI!
Okay, per CNN, I can breathe now!
Four minutes into Castle and there's already been at least three Firefly shout outs!
I'm soliciting votes for Garden Center Services (http://www.gardencenterservices.org/) in Burbank, Illinois for the Chase Community Giving contest.  Garden Center is an agency providing services to disabled adults.  If you use the facebook link below to vote for Garden Center, I get an extra vote for them.

Garden Center is a truly fantastic organization - they provide services to my sister and she loves every minute that she is there.  She has lots of friends and they do lots of activities.  Illinois ranks almost last for social services funding and Garden Center could really use some of Chase's money.  All it takes is one click!

I normally would not do this, but this is close to my heart.  If you've got a few extra bucks to spare, please consider donating to help Randy and Nora finalize their adoption of Baby Ariana.  Randy and Nora have adopted nine special needs children and are trying to adopt Ari, who is also special needs and very medically fragile.  Due to their unique circumstances (adopting a Native American baby through the tribe and not an agency), they need to raise $1800 for a home study by the end of August. 
Their facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/BabyArisAdoptionJourney
and you can donate at: http://ariannaboesemadoptionfund.chipin.com/adoption-fund
Anything you can donate would help. 

If you want to learn more about them, check out the following links:
Nora's blog at http://fasdmom.com
Newspaper Articles/Press Releases:

I just did a large round of tracking down LJ-refugees and adding them to my Dreamwidth account. If I have you friended on LJ, I added you here as well.
If you like Anne of Green Gables, run (don't walk) over Archive of Our Own and read Tradition, and Its Reinvention by dollsome.  Anne's voice is spot on and Marilla and Rachel are also perfect!
Who just sang the National Anthem at the World Series?  Cause he seriously stunk.  If it's too high for you, stop trying to get it that high - your voice cracks and you sound awful.
Shout out to Desperate Housewives!

Dana Delany's character: "I used to live on a cul-de-sac like this . . . nothing is ever what it seems."  Snicker.


Sep. 19th, 2011 10:43 pm
Worf!!  Admiral Chegwidden!!  It's like a reunion of some of my favorite shows!  And I totally saw the thing with Kate at the end coming.  I figured it out when she and Castle were on the swings.  And I must confess I am realllllly looking forward to Kate finding out about what Castle is doing - that is going to be one hell of a smackdown!
So I've made it past the first round for a Digital Archivist job at a University.  Now comes the dreaded essay - "why do you want this job?"  Uh, because I'm unemployed and this is in my field and it's close to home??  Quite honestly, that is what it comes down too.  Anybody have any suggestions on how to be more tactful?  This is what I have so far:

The first thing that attracted me to this position was the fact that it was at {Blank}l University.  I am aware of the quality of {Blank's} employees, especially the library staff.  The staff at {Blank} University's library was always helpful in guiding me to sources I needed and suggesting sources that I had not considered. 

I am also attracted to the position itself and its challenges.  Increasingly, records are being created digitally and are never used “officially” in hard copy.  Businesses and archives are still determining best practices for preserving and archiving these digital documents.  The challenge of preserving these documents intrigues me, and has always interested me.  Two of my papers I wrote for my archives classes in graduate school at Dominican University addressed the challenges of archiving both “born digital” materials and the World Wide Web.
For those who are interested )
Thanks to everyone for the input on my laptop. I ended up getting a Sony Vaio from Best Buy (yes, I know BB is evil, but it came down to selection, price and availability). The best part was that I got one of BB "pre-optimized" laptops without paying for it. All that were left were the pre-optimized laptops, which I didn't want - I'm not paying $99 for someone to make back-up disks and install anti-virus software when I can do it myself! They offered to knock the $99 down to $59. I still said no and was ready to walk, so the department manager gave it to me for the non-optimized price.
My laptop is dying - the jack where the power cord plugs in is loose, so the power will randomly disconnect. And since my battery is old, it's really not strong enough to make the screen readable. This is the 2nd HP laptop in a row to pull this with me. So, I'm staying away from HP this time. I'm looking at a Toshiba, Acer or Sony. All are under $500 - necessary when you don't have a job, but I NEED a computer. Anyone have any experience with any of those brands?

LJ issues

Aug. 1st, 2011 03:49 pm
So with the latest round of LJ issues, I saw a lot of my LJ friends list is moving to Dreamwidth/creating backup accounts, so I ran through the accounts that had Buffy listed as an interest and if I recognized a name, I added you to my circle.
If you are on dreamwidth, could you leave a comment with your name over there? That way, I can find you over there in preparation for the next time LJ has issues. Thanks!
OMG!!! I cannot wait for next season!
That was just mean!! On both counts!
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