Wow - Bank of America came through with wheelchair seating tickets to the August 29th game where the White Sox are retiring Frank Thomas' number! He is one my sister's favorite players. Of course, it shouldn't take a nasty letter to Bank of America, Major League Baseball and the White Sox to use my credit card points for tickets! And please don't try and tell me that in three years, not one fan of the 30 MLB teams has tried to get wheelchair seating using points.

Back story - I tried to use points from my White Sox BoA credit card to get tickets to the June 6th game; I take my sister (who uses a wheelchair) to a game for her birthday every year. The website has no place to request accessible seating. I called the redemption number at the beginning of May, explained the situation and was told someone would get back to me in 3 - 5 business days. Eight business days later, no one called me back. Called back again and was told that I should have called earlier (I did you idiot - the screwup was on your end!) and that e-mail was actually the best way to request accessible tickets (and you couldn't tell me this when I called earlier?) So I e-mail, actually get a call back in two days, asked if the June 5th game would work instead, then NEVER HEAR BACK! So I send a letter of complaint to the redemption people, and CC Bank of America, Major League Baseball and the White Sox. Get a prompt response from the Sox (mailed letter on Wednesday, Sox called on Monday) who promise to look into it, then get a call from the redemption people later that same afternoon. I loved how the redemption people tried to tell me that they had never had this request before - yeah right. In the 3 years the program has been in existence, with 30 teams, not one person has tried for accessible seating?? More like no one has complained about not getting their tickets.
Stanley Cup, Baby-bee!!! The longest title drought in the NHL is over!!!

Now every major sports team in Chicago has won a title in my lifetime - except the Cubs (and the White Sox fan giggles manically!)
Whoo-hooo!! The Blackhawks are going to the Stanley Cup finals!!! Hopefully, we can end the longest championship drought in the NHL. I'm rooting for Montreal now - Hawks vs. Canadiens, two of the original 6, would be awesome!
"Roll's off the tongue, doesn't it?"

One of the best entrances ever, topped only by "I'd like to test that theory."

Is it next Wednesday yet?

And Hardison showing his inner geek - "I am, and always will be, your friend."
[Error: unknown template qotd] I'm an oldest, and in some ways an "only." My sister is mentally and physically handicapped and though she is 3 years younger than me, she is an eternal 7 year old. I'm very responsible - I've had to be ever since I was 3. I've always known that not only will I be caring for my parents as they age, I'll also be caring for my sister. At the same time, in some ways I'm very sheltered - family has always come first, sometimes to my detriment. I'm also very independent - once again, I had to be. My parents have always had to be more concerned with my sister, and have often left me to my own devices (once they realized that I could be left on my own). It's an interesting feeling.
My parents are in the process of buying their first house EVER! Being in the Air Force, all our previous houses were either base housing or renting. So the weekend before Easter we find the perfect house - 5 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, 2 1/2 baths. It's been on the market since September and is an estate sale. We offered on Wednesday - lowballed because the kitchen/bathrooms need updating. He counters, we counter, he counters. On Good Friday, we decide to accept his counteroffer and notify his real estate agent. We have not heard anything since. Supposedly, the owner was on a cruise last week and was therefore unreachable. He should have been back no later than yesterday. We are still waiting. You'd think he would have told his agent that if we accepted his counteroffer to get the paperwork rolling. We're now worried that he's stringing us along while he waits for a better offer. He seemed very hesitant about our loan for some reason - my dad has a Veteran's Administration backed loan, which means its solid. The owner was worried about the VA inspection, which makes us think there is something wrong with the house or that he is worried there is something wrong. We really want this house, but we've starting resigning ourselves to the fact that it's probably not going to happen. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, it's probably not going to happen.
First, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words of support. It's nice to know that people are thinking of you.

I'm staying home with my grandfather today and tomorrow. I'm glad I have a job where I can work at home easily. And at least today I'm getting out of the presentation on benefit changes. I'm still calling in, but at least I can do something else while I listen! And of course this is the year they are adding in long-term care insurance, which I could get my grandfather on, except that it doesn't kick in until March and by then by grandfather will be in an ALF and not eligible!

So far my sister K. has been doing pretty good - a minor meltdown yesterday, but nothing too bad. We're ordering her one of those raised air mattresses to make her a little more comfortable since we have no idea how long this will last. But if I have to hear one more time about how she can't wait to get her room back, I'm going to scream! Okay, I get it! But that's just her - she obsesses about little things because she can't deal with big things. Like I said in my previous post - K. is very much a 7-year old and that's how 7-year olds deal. As long as it works for her, I can't complain too much.

Anyone having trouble with Google? When I try to pull it up on Firefox I get a blank page with a 0 in the upper left corner. When I try to use Internet Explorer (evil!) I get a 403 Forbidden error. I tried clearing out my google cookies, but no luck. Any suggestions?
I am so not happy now, it is not even funny.

My grandfather is in the early to mid stages of Alzheimer's. For the past 18 months he has been living with his step-daughter, J. J was very insistent about him moving in with her when the doctor said he could no longer live on his own. Two Fridays ago, J called my father and said she was starting to get burned out and it was time to start looking at assisted living facilities (ALF). So we started - no big deal. We always told her that we would figure something out whenever it go to be too much. My parents had to appointments last Saturday. Saturday morning, J calls - her husband's mother called and she wanted all of her children in Kansas City. So we picked my grandfather up. We ended up keeping him for over a week (my father had to take the week off from work) and never heard from J. She call's early Saturday (yesterday) to say she's home. My parents dropped him back off with J earlier today. We got a phone call at 8:30 tonight - she can't do this anymore, can we pick him up tomorrow. What the hell changed in less than 12 hours??

My mother and I are majorly pissed off. She was the one who wanted to keep him and then suddenly she can't do it for even one more week? This isn't something that just happens. She had to have been feeling this way for several weeks. It would have been nice to have a little more warning!! She seems to think that all we have to do is pick an ALF and he can move in within days!! She even mentioned that my father could use the Family and Medical Leave Act, so obviously she had to have been researching that - another indicator that this has been brewing for several weeks.

What makes things so hard for us is that my sister is physically and mentally handicapped - she's three years younger than me, but is our eternal 7 year old. She does not handle having her routine changed and whenever our grandfather comes, he gets her room and she sleeps on an air mattress in my room. Plus, she doesn't understand what is going on so she gets very upset. I am so not looking forward to the next few weeks.
No Freakin' Way!!! Where has this team been for, I don't know, since January 2007!! This has been a pretty good weekend sports-wise here in Chicago. Illinois won, Northwestern won, Notre Dame won (I was at that game!), White Sox took 2 out of 3 and Minnesota lost. Life is good!

I've got a job interview tomorrow, so wish me luck. I've been with my current company for over 5 years, but I've advanced as far as I can without a different type of degree - one I have no interest in getting. So I'm looking for a job that I can use both of my Master's degrees in - History and Library Science with an archives concentration. The position I'm interviewing for tomorrow will definitely do that! Plus, it's in Chicago which is very important to me because of my family situation.
Anybody have any links to the Buffy and Angel comics for download? I in a hotel for tonight and tomorrow so I have a high-speed connection. YAY! I would love to have one at home, but all we can get is Comcast and I' not willing to pay the $40.00 a month for internet; especially given their reliability (or lack thereof) for cable.
Has everyone seen this? The Foreign Service has a shortage of diplomats willing to serve in Iraq (can't imagine why!) and is going to force people to go. This has upset quite a few people, most notably a guy named Jack Croddy. At a meeting about this, he said "It is one thing if someone believes in what is going on over there and volunteers, but it is another thing to send someone over there on a forced assignment. And I'm sorry, but basically that is a potential death sentence and you know it. Who will raise our children if we are dead or wounded?"

And I'm sure the 19 year old private in the Army National Guard "volunteered" to go to Iraq. Let's talk about who is going to support HIS family if he is killed or wounded! Croddy's attitude just steams me up, as if you couldn't tell. I'd love to know if he has a "support the troops" bumper sticker on his car - support the troops, just don't make me go help them!
I recently finished a long Spangel all-human AU. It was written several years ago but I just got around to reading it. I enjoyed it, but there was one thing that realllllly bugged me - the complete and total absence of Buffy Summers. Almost every other Buffyverse character showed up, down to Gwen Raiden (or however you spell her name) who showed up in two, maybe 3, Angel episodes. It would have been so easy to include her - Joyce was in it and all it would have taken was a throw-away line about "her daughter Buffy who was away at college" and I would have been perfectly happy. Instead, I spent a lot of the story wondering "when was Buffy going to show up." I don't see how you can write a fic with every other Buffyverse character, but ignore the existence of Buffy herself!


Jan. 9th, 2007 10:19 pm
I got my computer back from Best Buy. It was a bad hard drive which was replaced under my service plan--not bad since my plan expires at the end of this month. So I take it home and start putting everything back on, starting with XP. No problems there. Next comes AOL and everything comes to a screeching halt. First it tells me I have no modem--huh?? So I play around with it and manage to install a modem, I think. Still no luck with AOL. So I uninstall and do the detect new hardware. Hooray--I have a modem. Too bad the drivers don't seem to exist on my computer! And they are not on the Windows recovery CD or on the HP documentation library disk. And of course if I want the computer to find them, I need to connect to the internet. I would, except for the fact that you are telling me the modem isn't installed!!

So I get back on my ancient computer and check HP's website for drivers. No luck--there are too many possibilities when I just search for "modem drivers" and when I search under my notebook model (Pavilion ZE4630), there are no modem drivers. So I'm taking it into work to our resident geek tomorrow to see what he can do. And I will e-mail HP and see if I can get it from them. After that, I have no clue what I am going to do; that new computer I was planning on getting in six months is looking better and better!
I'm typing this on my truly ancient PC (Windows Me anyone??) because my laptop has crashed in a serious way. I'm merrily surfing this morning when everything starts running reallllllly slow. So I do the usual fix--Restart! That makes the problem worse. First it takes forever to move past the Windows XP screen, to the point where I just restart again. This time, it gives me the message about the my computer was shut down improperly, so how do I want to restart? I choose start normally (hey, why not?) The next thing I know, the computer is restarting AGAIN!! This time it tells me it needs to perform a system check; I don't have to, but it is strongly recommended. Fine, I'll play along. It is a 3 step process. The first step finds a corrupted file and remove it. The next step finds unreadable file sectors--80,000+ of them. I have no idea what step 3 finds because I am fixing dinner. From then on, it just keeps restarting--it won't start in safe mode or "normal" mode or in last good successful mode. I can get into set-up and I run the hard disk check, which tells me there appears to be an unreadable sector--duh! I run the windows recovery panel and try the "dskchk" function. It checks 75% of the disk and then informs me "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems." I try "fixboot" and "fixmbr" and neither one works.

So, does anyone know if it is possible to back-up my data somehow before I have to reformat the computer? I backed it up about two months ago, so I won't loose a lot, but loosing none is better than loosing some! Keep in mind I can't get pass the Windows XP screen, so it would have to be done from F2 or something similar.

I am practically speechless right now!! I just found out that I and one of my former professors will be presenting at the National Council on Public History Conference in Santa Fe in April! I am beyond thrilled right now. I was happy just to be asked by my professor, but now that I am actually presenting, WOW!!! We will be presenting on film and collective memory. I will be focusing on depictions of the Alamo and she is focusing on the movie Exodus. I'll be spending the next four months working on my presentation!
I, like the rest of Chicago, am mourning the loss of Coach--Ray Meyer who coached DePaul for 42 years, won the NIT back when the NIT was THE tournament, and took DePaul to two Final Fours. Coach was no longer coaching at DePaul when I was there, but his son Joey was. And while I agree that Joey needed to be fired in 1997, DePaul handled it completely wrong and Coach was completely justified in staying away from the school for several years. But it was nice to see the relationship repaired in the past few years. Thanks Coach--you will be missed.
So I'm watching the Ice Dancing at the Olympics (mainly because I know how it ends!) and I just saw a team (no idea where they are from) skating to Bolero. Uh, no. You are so NOT Torvill and Dean. They had no connection to the music--it was almost like they choreographed the routine and then picked the music. It was absolutely nothing special, and if you are going to skate to Bolero and you are ice dancers, you had better be fabulous. Michelle Kwan got away with it last year for two reasons--she's Michelle Kwan and can pull it off and Christopher Dean choreagraphed it for her. Oh, they are from Israel. Anyway, it was nothing special.

I'm doing a happy dance tonight--I have my plane tickets to fly to RApid City, South DAkota in April for my Goddaughter's 1st Communion. It's been two years since I've seen her and I am so excited.

I'm getting an MLIS (Master's in Library and INformation Science) and I'm writing a paper on the effort to archive September 11. Does anyone have any connections whose brain I can pick or have any places to look for information?

"Clark, there's no such thing as vampires."

And I'm still on a high about the White Sox.
World Champion Chicago White Sox. Life is good!! Now, I have to go to bed, so I can actually go to work in the morning.
I knew it was too good to last--but I thought it would be the White Sox that let me down, not the Bears. Instead, the Sox actually managed to pick up a game on Cleveland and the Bears, quite honestly, sucked. And would everyone please stop blaming the rookie QB--at least twice he hit the reciever in the hands. What, is he supposed to catch it for them too?? A new field goal kicker would be good, also. But at least Green Bay lost, so the day wasn't a total waste! This is going to be a verrrrry long season.
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