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On March 1, I was laid-off, completely unexpectedly - I had spent all of February traveling for work and thought I was solid. In those first few days of panic afterwards, I applied for any job I was remotely qualified for. After the initial panic, I came up with a plan. I was going to use this time to make myself more qualified for what I really want to do - work at a an archive/museum/library. I have the MLIS degree, but because I was working full time, I couldn't do an internship to get experience. So I decided to start volunteering at a local archive, take some classes/workshops, etc. to get the experience to do what I really wanted to do. While it will cost money, come October-ish I would have more training under my belt. Plus, I've got unemployment, which helps.

I just got a call to set-up a phone interview next week for one of my panic jobs. I'm going to go through with the interview, but I don't really want the job. It's similar to what I had been doing, which I was never really happy with - I enjoyed parts it, but it wasn't my dream job. So now I have to decide what to do. If offered the job, per the terms of unemployment, I can't turn it down or I could loose my unemployment compensation. And from the sounds of the phone call today, if I want the job, it's mine. So what I think I have to do is after the phone interview, withdraw my name before the job is offered. If I could work from home, I'd take the job. But it involves relocating (only 2 hours, but still relocating). I do have some concerns about the job stability, etc. I'm hoping that there will be something I can seize upon in the interview that will give me an excuse.

I think that if had been out of work for longer, I'd be more inclined to take the job. But I've only been out of work for six weeks, so I'm not desperate yet.
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